How To Do SEO On Google Blogger 2020(+ Tutorial Pictures)

how to use google blogger

How To Do SEO On Google Blogger 2020(+ Tutorial Pictures)

Today, I’m going to show you how to do SEO on Google blogger with ease.
This guide is not the ordinary google blogger SEO you see online for a couple of times now and it’s not the most conversant SEO checklist you’re aware of.
No! This is a new google blogger SEO and it is aimed at providing the basic tutorial practices of ranking high in Google.
Things are new and you’ll need to find out about what’s new.
In order to leverage the SEO tips and rank high.
The featured snippet is now the game changer and you’ll need to optimize for it.
To leverage more clicks on the web.
As it is, I know you want to see a proper guide on the topic here.
Which I will likely provide for you right from the onset.
Yeah! You need to start from the basics SEO, then advance the blogging tricks to how to rank every blog post you published.
That seems important for now.
While I’ll still take a look at that, let me tell you this.
If you’re among them(people that say blogger blog doesn’t rank) and you blog on the free blogging platform.
Sure, you’re doing yourself no good.
Because your ideology says it all and you’ll find it difficult to rank.
Here’s the thing.
Have you ever asked yourself a simple question?
………why your blog isn’t showing up on Google.
If so, what exactly have you done to it?
Are you still running around the bush? Looking for something that didn’t get lost?
See, everything needed to rank is embedded in google blogger but what matters is how wisely you apply the on-page SEO techniques.
And what happens outside your website(off-site SEO techniques).
Let me show you these SEO tricks, the blog post below got indexed and rank almost immediately after published.

google blogger seo

It sustain the momentum of ranking high so fast, 4 hours watch in the bag.
So, how did I do that?
…………I leverage search intent and find my SEO opportunity.
It’s just simple.
I hack on what people are searching for using Google related search results.

Optimize it for 3-4 keywords without spamming them.
Then, I radiate it along with the structuring of the content.
It just goes to show how Google loves search intent keywords.
And why you should properly optimize for it without stuffing them.
Now, let see over on google blogger overview for this content.
How to do SEO on google blogger in 2020:
  1. How to create a blog on google blogger that rank
  2. Discover search intent keyword
  3. How to add keywords in blogger
  4. Optimize for featured snippets
  5. How to do SEO on google blogger

Step 1 How to create a blog on google blogger that rank

The journey to great blogging begins here and to create a blog on the blogger platform you must understand the in-depth of the topic and how to optimize it for search engines and people.
Now, let’s start this way.
  • What is a blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging platform created for the purpose of optimizing your content and rank it high on the search engines.
If so, then let’s see how to create a blogger blog.
  1. Sign up to the blogger dashboard.

2. A blog list on how to create a new blog on blogger will appear.

 3.Type the title of your blog, for example, Destined Blog.

how to create a blog on blogger

4.Fix in the address of your blog, for example,
how to create a blog on blogger 1

5. Select a responsive theme, I recommend the Notable template.

Then, click on the create a blog.

Now, your blog goes live and welcome to the blogging industry.
But, there’s a thing. Give your google blogger blog a keyword.

blogger dashboard

For example, if you’re in the blogging for money industry.
The whole thing still gets down to money-making a niche.
That way, place a keyword that your blogger blog will rank for.
And displace the meta description of what the keyword is all about.
After all, sign up for Google Analytics.
Help the blog by studying what the visitors are up to.
And how you could engage them even better.
Just with a copy and paste code on the google blogger dashboard, everything goes live.

Step 2 Discover search intent keyword

Here’s the thing.
In the game of SEO, to win, you must master the art in it.
And the basic terminology starts with how you think of it.
There’re many instances to that and the proper way to begin with the simple guide is this.
…….Leverage search intent keyword.
This is important and the success of it depends on you.
It’s when you do this……… Optimize with search intent.
it’s until then you rank high.
Sure, doing keyword research is good but it can only be great when added with the audience’s search intent.
Now, let’s begin this way.
For example, if I chose to leverage Google keyword planner as for the startup.
Then, I’ll pretty do it this way.
Head over to the Google keyword planner dashboard.
Extract the main keyword, this shows up below.

In there, the main keyword google blogger has fewer avg monthly searches.
Well, I’m not supposed to get bothered about that.
But, here’s the thing.
When a keyword is well-optimized, it doesn’t just rank for the main keyword.
But, hundreds to thousands of other keywords.
In fact, at times the main keyword may be as a supplement while the content ranks and drive more traffic from other keywords.
Yeah! It’s happened a lot.
What matters here is how well you optimize these keywords.
Now, to ubbersuggest.
I typed in the same keyword, google blogger.

The search volume result was entirely different from the one of Google keyword planner.
As per the google blogger keyword, the SEO difficulty is 27.
But if I wish to extend it, I get this.

The average web pages that rank in the top 10 with their backlinks and domain scores.
So if I have to go by that, I’ll need to play smart to rank high.
Because the number of backlinks is extremely high.
And it will take a while to even get to the top 10 spots.
Now, let’s leverage Semrush.
The same keyword was filtered and the organic search volume was shown up.

But, this is it.
The number of results for this keyword(google blogger) I’m using has a relatively number of results to be 95.

And the keyword difficult here is 88.6, meanwhile, there’s no featured snippet, instant answer, knowledge panel, and carousel for it.
This makes me insert another keyword “blogspot”.
Now, the keyword blogspot has a search volume of 246k and the number of results is 1.6B.
That’s far from it.
Why I did that was because I want to be clear about how many people are surfing for this keyword(google blogger) on a monthly basis.
And it’s shown to me that there are just fewer people that have already optimized for that keyword.
Now, the question is, how to find my SEO opportunity?
Then, do this.
………Leverage search intent to it.
Hover to the organic search related result lists and question tab.

Study the trends of the end-consumers.
Pick 2-3 most common keywords in there.
Make it a long-tail keyword because that’s where you find your SEO opportunity.
After all, leverage this free SEO tool for your blogger blog.
Test the intensity and attractiveness of the headline.
Like the way I did it below, a 65% score is absolutely perfect for this headline.

And the state of the headline is emotional.
Now that you know all this, that’s:
  • Writing of a perfect headline.
  • Resonate it with the audience’s search intent.

Then, to boost the click-through-rate on the organic search engine.
……Use parenthesis on the headline.
For example, my headline is, how to do SEO on google blogger 2020(+ tutorial pictures).
Now, tell me what made you salvage a click on it, because it’s so catchy and unique, right?
And that’s what Google loves and even readers.
They love to see headlines that fit appropriately to their keyword search intent.

Step 3 How to add keywords in blogger

To add keywords in blogger, optimize for the following.
  1. Target a potential keyword – low competition and high traffic.
  2. Optimize for the keyword.
  3. Resonate the keywords with the meta description.
  4. Hack on Google search console.
  5. Use Google sheet to explore the keywords.
  6. Sort them based on impressions.
  7. Find out the keywords will a lot of potentials(traffic).
  8. Optimize your blogger post along with it.
  9. If traffic sucks, change the headline or meta description.
  10. Resonate it perfectly with the audience’s search intent.
  11. Apply conditional formatting.

Here’s the thing.
Everything said above is embedded in this article right here, it will tutor you on how to go about the whole thing.
In my own case, using a free SEO tool like one of Google search console has helps me a lot with the following.
  • The average number of clicks.
  • The number of impressions.
  • Every query pointing to each web page.
  • The country the audiences are engaging from and many more.

So exporting the data analysis on the Google sheet will help you analyze the keywords that have the potential of driving more traffic to your blogger blog.

And how you could optimize for them and rank high.

Step 4 Optimize for featured snippets

Here’s the big thing.
And you’ll need to optimize for it to get featured.
Look at this.
On average and according to Semrush, 11.52% of all search results have a featured snippet.
And here’s how you can optimize for it.
Find a keyword that has featured snippet in it, study the most wanted question on that keyword.
For example, this is what I did.
My main headline is, how SEO is changing for blogspot(The new SEO checklist).
But I optimize the body texture of the content on another keyword I will like to rank for.
……How to do SEO on blogspot.
That way, I use the listed featured snippet and I get featured for it in less than 40 mins.

how to do seo on google blogger

In addition, I wasn’t the one on the top spot but I stole the featured snippets space from the top spot to leverage more clicks.

This is the trend now because you don’t know what the next big thing will be in SEO.

Step 5 How to do SEO on blogger.

To do SEO on blogger, optimize and hack on the following.
  • The main keyword at the beginning works better.
  • A short URL simply boosts SEO.
  • The introduction of the main keyword at the beginning of the content works even better.
  • Use more of an active voice.
  • Improve the readability score.
  • Optimize for image – Alt tag image optimization.
  • Explore keyword density.
  • Leverage search intent.
  • Do keyword research.
  • Use an actionable headline.
  • Add parenthesis to your headline.
  • Let 2-3 keywords in the headline reflects in your meta description.
  • Write an SEO-friendly google blogger post.
  • Avoid stuffing of keywords, do them naturally.
  • Leverage Google Analytics and explore it on your content ideas.
  • Optimize for mobile.
  • Improve site speed.
  • Use a responsive template.
  • Use the social media widget button to promote your google blogger blog.
  • Contribute to other networks.
  • Great content is the ultimate drive.


Yeah! the way of blogging for SEO isn’t the other way you think it is anymore.
A lot has changed and you’ll need to change along with it.
Because if you can’t beat them, join them.
So, over to you, how do you want to do SEO on google blogger blog? Any new means?
Read here: How SEO Is Changing For Blogspot(The New SEO Checklist 2020)

I'm Destined boy, a certified digital marketer.

You can follow me up on Twitter @BlogDestined

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